Expect What Your Expecting

Now lately the Lord has been reminding me in my spirit to “Expect What Your EXPECTING”!

One morning upon awakening my daughter and I did our usual morning greeting. In doing so she made her request known to me “Mom can you make me a bagel for breakfast with alot of cream cheese”, my reply was simply, “Yes I will” as I laid in bed.

So she got up and went into the bathroom to prepare herself for school to catch her school bus. While she was doing so I went to prepare her a whole bagel (she only eats a half) in which I applied different amounts of cream cheese on each half that she may choose which one she desires or even the whole one if she wanted. Once prepared I placed the bagel in the microwave to remain warm while she finished preparing herself. Then I went to lay back down.

Once she thought she was ready she noticed that I was still laying in bed and she assumed that her request went unmet and started to ask me questions/began to complain asking me to hurry up and make it before her bus came.

In that moment the Lord reminded me of what he had been speaking to me ”Expect What Your Expecting”. Like my daughter we are the same way with God. We make our request known to Him and those requests that are in His will for our lives and those that will bring us no harm He grants. Although we don’t see what He is doing or how He is doing it, it doesn’t mean He isn’t doing anything. God is waiting for us to PREPARE for what it is we have presented to Him as a request. Now when my daughter thought she was ‘prepared’ she wasn’t! She still hadn’t had her bookbag or sweater on ready to actually leave the house. She had only just finished with getting dressed. And I was waiting for her to be completely ready before I told her where to find her breakfast.

Just like I had fully met her request and was preserving it until she was PREPARED is the same way God has already met our request and is waiting for us to PREPARE ourselves for Him to present it to us. 2Peter 3:9 reminds us of this the Lord is waiting on you, your not waiting on Him. Just as Psalm 139:4 states “He knows our request before we even speak them” So we should remain in full confidence Hebrew 11:1 knowing that the Lord will not only meet, but exceed our EXPECTATIONS Ephesians 3:20.

So my questions for you today is are you fully prepared for what it is you have been asking of God? If not get prepared and prepare yourself with a posture of EXPECTATION!

God doesn’t want us to be in shock nor surprised when He fulfills our requests He wants us to expect Him to show up! ARE YOU EXPECTING?




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