Playlist for Deliverance & Freedom

Today the Lord gave me a playlist for those who are seeking freedom and /or desiring to be FREE! Acknowledging that your deliverance and freedom is in His hands is the key. No matter what your circumstances may say or no matter how you may feel you must remember that you are in Gods hands and if you lean and trust in Him today you will be free. I believe if you allow these songs to minister to your spirit you will be renewed, encouraged, and fully confident that the Lord will bring you out and set you free!

As you allow these songs to minister to you reflect on the Word of God refer back to what God did for the Israelites and how He brought them out and set them free. How He remembered them, favored them, how He brought them out of the bondage of Egypt. How He set them free in only a way that He could! So much so they were not able to return to their bondage if they wanted too. If He did it for them He will do it for you! If you are ready to be free and no longer captive give it to God and He will show up for you!
Remember He is above ALL of our human experiences and if we keep our minds stayed on Him He will keep us in PERFECT peace!

READ Exodus Chapter 5-14 to see how God set the Israelites free!

If you desire to listen to the playlist straight through without having to click each link visit my YouTube channel @CharnayNicole playlist titled Deliverance&Freedom.


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