Prayer of Acknowledgement

Lord, I don’t ever want to forget that you are Lord, having all power and control. Let me remember this forevermore that you are the master the creator of this earth and everything in it. Let me not get attached to anything in this world, so much so that I am afraid to go without it or live without it. Help me to remember that you alone are my source for everything under the sun.

Help me to never forget that the earth and everything in it belongs to you. That each day you give us as a gift. Help me to remember that my life was created to glorify you, to bring glory to your holy name to live pleasing in your sight for your glory. Thank you for delivering me from old ways and mindsets that were unpleasing to you, and for continuing to work on me until the perfecting of Christ. Thank you for seeing me as worthy to come to you as your own as your word says no one can come to you less they be drawn. So just thank you Lord for drawing me with loving kindness and for opening up my eyes and heart to the your blessing of truth. And I just want you to know that I love you and I trust you. I am not living for myself Lord this I know and I want to please you, help me to please you. Hallelujah! No matter what comes or goes in my life help me to please you. To give you thanks, to lift you up, to remain grateful remembering that you will never put more on me than I can bare, that you know the end from the beginning no matter what situation I face and that I am victorious in you, because with you ALL things are possible and nothings impossible! In Jesus Name I pray Amen!

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