Youthful Brokenness

This post is truly inspired by brokenness. And I am speaking about brokenness that comes from a youthful age. So many of us have dealt with a variety of experiences that created us to be who we are today, but through every circumstance we must be happy that we’ve endured and made it through.

You can’t fix brokenness without fixing you. Stop, Stop, Stop blaming your brokenness on other people, because more than likely the person your blaming is broken themselves. It’s just like the saying, “Hurt people, hurt people”, and the thing about it is most times its unintentional. We can all look back over our lives and notice how someone else’s short comings has affected us in our lives. But blaming them or even trying to get them to admit their portion may not be the way to go. Its best for you to deal with forgiveness first, so when you are able to bring your issues it to their attention your doing it with the right motives not to tear them down, hang it over their head, bring them low, or make them feel bad, but just to make them aware of how their decisions contributed to your hurt, pain, disappointment, etc. in your life which effected you in which ever way it did. Dealing with forgiveness first will allow awareness to be brought to the person, but if you go to them with unforgivness/ brokenness it will only enhance whatever emotion you feel toward that person/situation.

That’s why its best to forgive fast once you acknowledge your pain. So that your expectancy isn’t an apology or even acknowledgement of your feelings/ perception. It’ll be  beneficial to you to approach with forgiveness, because approaching a broken situation with unforgiveness will guarantee you zero results. They will 100% deny your feelings and their responsibility for your brokenness. They will either make excuses for their part or they will over ride your feelings/ perception with their viewpoint which would be their truth (which means they won’t be able to see it your way) or they probably didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing or maybe they know they messed up, but aren’t able to face themselves yet. Which ever the case may be it doesn’t mean your truth is false it just means they see things in a different way. Don’t be surprised if they even call you a lair, because of what you reveal to them. Just know that forgiveness first will be the best outcome for you to be free from brokenness and everything that comes with it. Allow yourself to have the peace you deserve by forgiving the accused and moving forward!

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