Follow the Light!


Now this video is footage of when we were driving from Jacksonville,Florida to Philadelphia PA, in October 2016 during Hurricane Matthew.  The purpose of this trip was to move my grandmother back to Philadelphia after her husband passed away, so she wouldn’t be in Florida alone with no family. *As you read please keep in mind that we already had this day preplanned, so she had her whole house packed up and we were already schedule off work to take this journey in an unexpected hurricane*

As you can see in the video everything around us was pitch black. When we started out in the storm it was still daylight, although it was raining, but naturally as the day grew old the darker it got. As we were traveling in this dark night the only ones on the road, my Aunt and I were in one car and my grandmother and Uncle led the way in the moving truck in front of us there in the video. As we traveled it was very scary looking to the left and right pure darkness and don’t bother to look out the back window it was ENDLESS darkness no looking back.

As she drove I continously prayed and holy spirit reminded me of the storms of life. Staying behind the truck, the only light leading us, was as the how we are to hold on to the hope and light we have in Christ. When he is bringing us to an expected end in our lives sometimes we have no idea what that journey entails. All we have is a promise and a destination, even when unexpected storms arise, we must hold on to the only light we know, Him. Knowing he is the only way to get to where we are going, our predestined place. We can’t look left or right seeking help, because there is no one around with the  directions, and there’s nothing behind us to turn back to… We have to keep the faith and weather the storm!

As the rain poured and the winds blew we had we had to trust the eyesight of my uncle, the truck driver to lead us safely. In the same way we have to trust that whichever was the Lord is taking us is correct. Even during detours and road blocks we must hold on to the GPS that which is Christ. As I am reflecting this spiritually as to how we are to trust God’s plan for our EXPECTED end despite the storms.

As we drove many times the GPS led us off the highway due to closures, because of the weather conditions. So we were led to smaller roads not knowing their conditions or what to expect, but the whole time trusting we would make it back to Philadelphia safely which was our expected end. So today I encourage you to hold tightly to any promise, vision, and/or expected end the Lord is bringing you to.

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